Export tariffs

Structure of export tariffs

Export tariffs of the Republic of Uruguay
General customs duty
Reduced customs duty
0 customs duty
Export of products of no priority
Export of products of high priority in the secondary selling (subject to the limit of 1 million US dollars)
Export tariff duty at initial selling of high priority

Characteristic of exported products by priority:

Classification group for establishing export tariffs

Priority products and goods

General products and goods

Livestock products

Dairy products

Fruits and vegetables

Other agricultural products

Minerals and metals



Cardboard and paper products



Leather and footwear

Electric cars

Electrical equipment

Transportation equipment

Coffee, tea

Fertilizers, crop protection products

Fish and fish products

Export tariff duties by countries of export destination:

Product group / country General customs duty Reduced customs duty 0% customs duty per a fraction of total cost
Priority products
EU 11,6 4,2 93,8
USA 3,1 0,4 99,4
Turkey 33,4 23,8 57,8
Serbia 14,1 0,5 5
Republic of Korea 17 0
Other countries 24,5 12,1 85,9
General products:
EU 11,6
USA 3,1
Turkey 33,4
Serbia 14,1
Republic of Korea 17
Other countries 24,5