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Legal support for export-import transactions

Dear residents of the Portal!

Export-import activity involves significant costs of export procedures. Your products must meet specific requirements that increase depending on the expansion of the geography of deliveries.

Products must have certificates of quality and conformity, and, depending on the country of import, hygienic and ecological certificates may be required.

Registration of required documentation and preparation of documents is a time-consuming process, especially when it concerns another country.

The Portal of mutual trade of Latin American, Southeast Asian and BRICS countries offers a wide range of services related to legal support for export-import transactions.

We have significant experience in supporting international transactions and will be glad to offer you competitive prices.

List of services:

Customs law (legislation of the Customs Union and legislation of the Russian Federation)

— Preparation of letters, queries, replies to queries of customs authorities

— Proof of customs value in court

— Representation of Client interests in court in cases of administrative offences (violation of customs rules) concerning challenging non-legislative acts, actions or omissions of customs authorities

— Calculation of customs payments and fees when importing/exporting

— Advising on the application of customs legislation

— Support for projects

International arbitration

— Advising on private international law, settlement of international disputes

— Legal examination, development, preparation of bilingual (Russian/English) foreign economic contracts in relation to various types of contracts (shipping, insurance, funding) required for implementation of foreign economic transactions; translation of legal documents

— Assistance in settlement of disputes or conflicts with foreign counterparty (possible dispute resolution in the jurisdiction of the counterparty)

— Legal examination of foreign economic contracts in terms of clarity of the subject of the contract, quality of goods/services, transfer of risks, guarantees, obligations, force majeure, dispute resolution, place (country) of jurisdiction, applicable law


— Advising on resolving disputes concerning violations of obligations for proper shipping, imposition of fines on the part of rail carrier.

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